The Japan Cement Association (JCA), established in 1948, is a trade organization comprised of all 16 cement manufacturers in Japan (as of April 2023). The primary roles and activities of the JCA are summarized below.

Support of research and development for the purpose of raising the level of cement and concrete technology, targeting of academic societies and the business community with a broad range of programs positioned to cultivate capable researchers and promote fruitful technical exchange.

Engage in awareness campaigns aimed at disseminating knowledge and improving technology concerning cement and concrete, together with advancing joint research with government-affiliated organizations in the quest to promote more extensive concrete paving.

Advance the establishment of environment-conscious production systems, mount active responses to the global warming problem, receive waste materials in the interest of helping build a recycling-oriented society and otherwise promote eco-friendly improvements. Facilitate general consumer understanding of the contributions to the creation of a recycling-oriented society through effective use of waste and byproducts at cement plants. Participate in the planning and holding of international conferences, striving to further global cooperation and expand energy-saving technologies in the cement industry.

Carry out investigations and studies into the revision and enactment of Japanese Industrial Standards pertaining to cement. Organize discussions and studies with regard to international standards.

Advance research and draw up statistics on cement production, distribution and consumption, publicly disclose these findings through press conferences, websites and other means, and supply such information to relevant organizations and groups and other pertinent parties on a timely basis.

Strive on behalf of the cement industry to offer opinions to the government and implement meaningful lobbying activities.

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